About Canareco

Canareco stands for "Central Africa Natural Resource Corporation". The company was created with the mission of organizing and promoting resources in the Central African region. Since it's creation, activities have expanded and the company is now active internationally, with offices and representatives in Cameroon, Chad, England, Kenya, Sweden, Uganda and Zambia.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world where the riches of the African continent are acknowledged, explored and promoted in a sustainable way with a long-term perspective of reinforcing capacity and building the local infrastructure.

Our mission is to organize and develop the local artisanal exploitation of natural riches, in order to upgrade the African natural resource market to become an important player on the global market and an asset for the continent.


Canareco is engaged in the business of owning and managing reserve properties. Another component of the business model is operating through partnerships where Canareco is the link between partners searching for exploration opportunities throughout the African continent.

Four main activities have been developed into separate brands within the Canareco Group of companies : 

  1.    Canareco Oil & Gas
  2.    Wood Valley
  3.    Gold Valley
  4.    Gemstone Valley


Canareco is pursuing the following strategy :

  • Proactively invest in exploration to organically grow its reserve bases. Canareco has an inventory of prospects with large potential and continues actively to pursue new exploration areas. 
  • Convert current portfolio researches into reserves.
  • Create and realize value through exploration success and development.
  • Seek value-adding partnerships.
  • Foster strong external partnerships and local in-country relationships.


Canareco works with a holistic approach to meet with the following objectives :

  • Develop, structure & coordinate natural resource activities. The coupling of  activities is currently underdeveloped, but given the growing demand, the future structure will be in a favorable economic context.  
  • Build a sustainable natural resource sector based on fair methods that will benefit both the local population, the country, the region and the natural resource industry as a whole.
  • Create added value by involving and developing local production in the different steps (exploring, exploiting, producing, processing, trading).
  • Create new business opportunities, both locally (by creating jobs) and internationally (by opening up a new market for foreign investors).